Tag: Mistress Carly

Dirt Lickers

Dirt Lickers – Fem Dom Video featuring Mistress Carly Mistress Carly returns with a dirty boot and foot fetishist’s dream session. After instructing her naked personal slaves to polish her car, she then gets them to eat the filth from her boots and then the toejam and dirt from the soles of her bare feet….

Drink Up

Drink Up featuring Mistress Carly Mistress Carly has suspended her slave by his ankles and proceeds to tug and pinch at his cock and balls with the aid of medical clamps, a pinwheel and finger scratcher. Once she feels he’s suffered enough she allows him to come into a funnel, which has a tube attached…

Rough Fuck

Rough Fuck with Mistress B, Mistress Carly Mistress Carly and her friend Mistress B get brutal with their anal slaves in this frenzied fuck session! The slave gets spit roasted and fucked deep and hard by them both, humiliating him both verbally and physically. Finally he is milked by Mistress B over Mistress Carly’s breasts…

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