Tag: Smothering

Worthless Slut Slave

Worthless Slut Slave featuring Mistress Krush In the eyes of his uncompromising Mistress, the slave is nothing more than a carpet to trample and a slut to torment. Mistress Krush sits on his face to muffle his screams as she cranks up the electrics, making him writhe in agony. This website is an expression of…

Pounding Your Face

Pounding Your Face featuring Miss Zoe Page Miss Zoe wants to see just how comfortable her slave’s face is for smothering and sitting. She switches sides to ensure he gets a good sniff of her pussy and her asshole. She then decides to pussy and ass slam his face, pounding him over and over again….

Last Chance

Last Chance Featuring Mistress Eleise De Lacy If your work doesn’t meet the exacting standards of Miss de Lacy, then a swift and harsh punishment will surely follow. The regretful office worker learns this lesson very clearly. He’s lucky to be given one last chance. This website is an expression of true female dominance, through…

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