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Toasted Buns

Northern Spanking Classics – Toasted Buns David is having some problems with his Au Pair but he knows what the solution is… Spank her and severely cane her of course! Surprisingly it seems that Jenna is not averse to the idea either! Full Length Quality Version Here

Busted in the Boudoir

Busted in the Boudoir Featuring Mistress Eleise De Lacy Don’t let the sumptuous surroundings and the gentle tones of Mistress Eleise fool you into believing this is anything other than a heavy ball busting feast! She serves up some devastating kicks and punches, with some severe stomping and general intent to obliterate his balls! This…

Fuck My Feet Lady Victoria Valente takes great pleasure in an extensive foot worship session with her slave, continuing the process immediately after climax to the slave’s great discomfort Lady Victoria Valente Ms Valente considers a dominatrix to be an experienced professional, a perfectionist, and has dedicated herself to refining her skills. This is reflected…

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